Professional Email-Letter Service: Send letters via email

Although printed documents receive more attention from the recipient, many software solutions only offer delivery via email.

With Pingen's Email-Letter integration, documents can still be delivered by post. Simply email the documents to Pingen and have them delivered directly worldwide by postal mail.

Send letters via email

Send letters via email - how it works

With Pingen's Email Letter integration, you can transfer documents as email attachment and have them delivered by post in just a few steps:


Specify the email address from which documents will be sent to Pingen.


Send PDFs directly to Pingen as an email attachment from this email address.


Pingen processes the PDFs within a few seconds and dispatches them for postal mailing.


The documents are then printed by professional print facilities and sent by post as a letter.

Set sender Email address Send PDFs via email attachment Automtaic submission Email Reliable delivery Automatic packaging Professional printing Reliable delivery Automatic packaging Professional printing


Send documents by post directly from your business software. With Pingen's email-Letter service, software solutions can easily be enhanced to offer physical postal mailing.

Letter tracking

Track letters in real time

Send letters via email and never lose track with Pingen's detailed letter tracking. All documents transferred via email can be easily managed in Pingen and tracked in real time.

Integrate Email-Letter Service in three steps

Sign up


Step 1: Sign up

To try out the email-letter service register a free account with Pingen.

Set up email-letter service


Step 2: Set up

Configure the Email-Letter integration with just a few clicks.

Send letters


Step 3: Send letters

Send documents to the specified Pingen email address and have them delivered as postal letters.

About Pingen

Pingen is an Online Postal Service that is specialized in digital letter mailing. With various printing & shipping methods, sending letters via Pingen can be tailored to your needs.

Feature overview
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International letter mailing

International letter mailing

Whether localy or internationally, your letters are sent at attractive rates and reliably delivered via local post or DHL.

Efficient returns processing

Efficient returns processing

Undeliverable letters can be managed and evaluated in Pingen. You receive all important information about the return via email.

No minimum quantities

No minimum quantities

Sending letters via Pingen requires no minimum quantities or contractual obligations. Perfect for all types of business mail.

Detailed letter tracking

Detailed letter tracking

Pingen's integrated letter tracking allows you to follow every single processing step from transfer to postal handover.

Send letters from other tools

In addition to Email-Letter integration, Pingen offers further solutions for sending postal letters digitally. Letters can also be dispatched automatically via the following tools:

Start now and send letters via email

Simply send documents directly via email and have them delivered automatically by post. Sign up for free and try out the email-letter service today.

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