Send letters via the Pingen App

The Pingen App makes it easy to send and manage letters online.

Simply upload documents as PDFs and have them delivered as postal letter. The Pingen App offers a sophisticated control centre with detailed letter tracking for each letter.

Send letters via the Pingen App

How to send letters via the Pingen App

1. Transfer documents

Upload documents to Pingen via drag & drop

Up to 100 PDFs can be uploaded at once via the Pingen App. The entire Pingen App can be used as a drop zone. Depending on the recipient country, Pingen supports PDFs with up to 320 pages.

Transfer documents
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2. Check documents

Check and correct documents in the send preview

All documents are verified by Pingen within a few seconds and forwarded to the send preparation. If documents have problems, they can often be fixed directly in the Pingen App.

3. Send letters

Send letters and have them delivered worldwide by post

For each mailing you can choose between printing in greyscale or color as well as printing on one side (simplex) or both sides (duplex). Furthermore, you can select the desired postal tariff per country to control the speed and the delivery costs of your mailing.

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Have them delivered automatically
4. Have them delivered automatically

The Documents are printed and sent by post

The letters are then printed locally by Pingen in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, India as well as Switzerland and sent by local post. Letters to the rest of the world are delivered via DHL as airmail/priority.

5. Manage in the Pingen App

Keep track of your letters at all times thanks to track & trace

Each processing step can be tracked in the Pingen App via the detailed letter tracking feature. Additionally all letters are also listed with their current status in a detailed list.

Manage in the Pingen App

Advantages of Pingen

Pingen is specialised in the digitalisation of physical business mail. With the Online Postal Service, documents can be sent digitally and reliably delivered via postal mail - worldwide at the best terms.

Feature overview
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No minimum quantities

No minimum quantities

It does not matter how many letters are sent per month. This makes Pingen suitable for all types of business mail.

Detailed shipping statistics

Detailed shipping statistics

Detailed statistics give you an overview of the costs and dispatch quality of all mailings sent via Pingen.

Real-time letter tracking

Real-time letter tracking

With the letter tracking feature, every processing step can be tracked from transfer to handover to the post.

Efficient returns processing

Efficient returns processing

Undeliverable letters are automatically processed by Pingen and destroyed unread.

Integrate letter dispatching into existing workflows

In addition to sending letters via the Pingen App, Pingen offers many integration options to send letters automatically:

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